University museums

Mendel Museum of Masaryk University
Mendlovo nám. 1a, 603 00 Brno
The Museum continues the legacy of the founder of genetics and discoverer of the laws of heredity, Gregor Johann Mendel (1822-1884). The Museum displays Mendel’s work on a permanent exhibition, which is regularly added to by short-term exhibitions. The Museum is a place where experts meet, and where outcomes of science and research are presented to the general audience. Many Nobel Prize winners have delivered their speeches at the Mendel Lectures.

Hrdlička museum of man
Viničná 1594/7, 128 00 Prague
This small university museum is part of the Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague. Besides topics of the human evolution, the development of an individual (ontogenesis) and human variability, the permanent exhibition shows pathology and death. For decades, a visit to the Museum has been included in teaching biology at primary and secondary schools and universities. The Hrdlička’s Museum of Man is a cultural site of memory having its own distinctive character. The thing that is important is its historical tradition and continuity. The direct connection to the academic environment allows the Museum to involve scientific capacities and to present outcomes of the work to the general public.
Online activities are published by the museum on FB: Museum