General Recommendations

General recommendations

  1. Recommendations worldwide encourage public institutions to close until the threat of coronavirus poses a problem. Your institution should have only the necessary staff, such as security staff, technicians, building and site managers, and collection managers.
  2. Prepare lists of employees and specialists on duty and others available. If you do not have the staff capacity to provide such services yourself, try to work with similar institutions in the vicinity to help resolve the situation in case an employee becomes ill with coronavirus and he and his colleagues have to quarantine.
  3. Viruses are relatively resistant to, but can remain active on up to 72 hours on some materials.
  4. Perform more frequent cleaning of areas to which people have access every day.
  5. Consider replacing filters in air conditioning systems. Where air conditioners are not installed, provide controlled ventilation.
  6. If an infection is detected, ensure quarantine in the relevant area for at least two weeks or until the end of the threat.