Exhibitions and visitors

Recommendations for visitors and exhibition spaces

  1. Define the visitor groups and what you want to show them – opening hours and/or open spaces may vary depending on the age and interest of the visitor groups.
  2. Limit access to exhibition spaces and help visitors keep their distance. Generally 1.5m is recommended as the distance between individuals. The museum’s opening hours can be limited – 4 hours instead of the usual 8 – or spread out so that there are fewer people in the area at a given time.
  3. If organizationally possible, try to set aside opening hours only for seniors – this is a very helpful step towards our largest visitor base.
  4. The same can be done for school groups.
  5. Try to adjust the opening hours so that at least one day is open longer, and offer this time for employees who do not get to museums during working hours.
  6. Upon entry: Install disinfectant gel dispensers and / or ensure that visitors have access to toilets equipped with soap. Place signs encouraging visitors to keep their hands clean and not touch their faces.
  7. Disable or directly remove items and gadgets that encourage visitors to touch and try.
  8. If you do not remove them, ensure that devices with activation buttons are frequently cleaned with disinfectants.
  9. Restrict access to installations that cannot be thoroughly cleaned or disinfected.