10 Most important recommendations


  1. INTRODUCE THE BENEFITS: Museums are responsible, trustworthy and secure. Museums are centers of culture, caring for it and providing significant spiritual support. Museums are everywhere, they are democratic, open to all. Visiting a museum reduces stress. Museums are hygienic.
  2. LET’S INFORM AND EXPLANATE: Place signs with a nice personal welcome at the entrance. Emphasize that you are responsible to the museum and list the basic instructions for visitors (what exhibits are accessible, what restrictions are in them, and where the disinfectant gel is). Inform about your online projects, invite visitors to connect with the institution via social media.
  3. LET’S GET TO KNOW THE UNKNOWN: Think of everyone who decides to spend a holiday at home in the Czech Republic in the summer. Museums can mediate unknown or even exotic cultures.
  4. DEFINE TARGET GROUPS: Children, adults, seniors, 50+, 60+, 70+, employed people, women, men, mothers, fathers, grandparents, grandparents with grandchildren, handicapped, minorities, tourists…
  5. PREPARE FOR SMALLER GROUPS: Programs for smaller groups of people, such as workshops, suburban camps, guided tours will be requested. Prepare programs for children, adults and also for seniors. Always in accordance with current hygiene regulations.
  6. ADJUST THE OPENING HOURS: Separate visiting hours may be set aside for seniors. The same goes for children. The opening hours of the museum may be limited and extended on other days.
  7. LET’S COOPERATE AND INSPIRATE: Invite artists, artists, musicians, actors to collaborate on the preparation and implementation of accompanying programs, your founders often provide contributions to theaters, ensembles, etc. If theaters are closed, their staff can help other cultural disciplines.
  8. THANK YOU: Let’s thank the medics and other people who were “in the front line” at the time of the epidemic by providing free admission, organizing a concert or guided tour.
  9. ALWAYS THINK OF HEALTH: Get enough protective equipment. Help visitors keep their intervals. Install disinfectant gel dispensers at the entrance, provide access to toilets equipped with soap. Follow general hygiene regulations.
  10. BE ACTIVE: Adapt the individual steps to the current development of the situation.