Technical museums

The National Technical Museum
Kostelní 1320/42, 170 78 Praha 7
The National Technical Museum is the largest Czech institution of this kind. It exhibits collections in fourteen permanent expositions and many temporary exhibitions. What belongs to the jewels is Rudolf Caracciola’s racing car Mercedes Benz W154 winning Grand Prix in 1938. The exposition of Astronomy boasts precious exhibits, such as Bürgi‘s sextant used by Johannes Kepler. The Czech assets to science are represented by, e.g., contact-lenses apparatus in the exposition of Chemistry, which Otto Wichterle used in 1961 for producing the first soft contact lenses.

Museum of the Wallachian Region
Horní náměstí 2, 775 01 Vsetín
The museum profiles itself as a multidisciplinary organization in the fields of social sciences, natural sciences and technology. It educates visitors on the basis of a multidisciplinary approach through exhibitions, expositions, events and publishing activities, and educates children and youth in the environmental field. It takes care of a unique collection of furniture made of bent beech wood, tapestries and lighting glass, and a collection of old prints is supraregionally valuable. Part of the museum is an observatory, which deals with the popularization of astronomy and other natural sciences.

The Technical Museum in Brno
Purkyňova 105, 612 00 Brno
The Technical Museum in Brno arose in 1961. Seventeen permanent exhibitions show a wide spectrum of themes from crafts to information technology. Among the most precious collection items is an axial-flow hydro turbine designed by Viktor Kaplan, whose date of birth, 27th November 1876, has been registered among the UNESCO world’s cultural jubilees as a token of respect. One of the expositions is devoted to racing motorbikes and the international competition Grand Prix Brno. The Museum cares for six technical immovable monuments “in situ”.