Preparatory international symposium 2021

Preparatory Interntional Symposium: 25–27 August 2021

The first meeting of the 26th ICOM General Conference, which will take place in Prague a year before the ICOM Prague 2022 conference itself. This preparatory International symposium will bring about 200 museum professionals to Prague, focusing on the topics of the upcoming general conference. The symposium will include a professional program with two panels that will address the topics of ICOM Prague 2022, which are “The Power of Museums and Humanism”; “The Power of Museums and Sustainable Development” and “The Power of Museums and the Economy”. The meeting will also include organizational matters of ICOM, such as an inspection visit to the places where ICOM Prague 2022 will take place, a deeper discussion of the presented topics, or the promotion of ICOM Prague 2022 itself.